From a Thread of an Idea to a Blanket of Opportunities

Conference: Women in Statistics and Data Science 2023
10/25/2023: 3:30 PM - 3:55 PM PDT


Ideas for projects can come in various forms and at different times in a career. Some ideas lead to projects that are not long-term, while others grow into a whole host of projects. In our careers, we have had ideas that have fit into these classifications, and everywhere in between. In this presentation, we consider a thread of an idea for producing a small suite of videos to use in training and mentoring the next generation of applied statisticians. That thread multiplied and has led us to a blanket of opportunities for further work in this arena. For example, the videos are now a part of a short course focused on navigating tough conversations in statistical collaboration. It also led to establishing new collaborations, broadening our own understanding of the field, and exciting ideas about new areas to explore.




Professional growth 

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Julia Sharp, Colorado State University

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Julia Sharp, Colorado State University


Emily Griffith, NC State University

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Women in Statistics and Data Science 2023