CS05 - Panel: Ethics Panel: Exploring Questions Raised by the Use of Large Language Models

Conference: Conference on Statistical Practice (CSP) 2024
02/28/2024: 11:50 AM - 1:20 PM CST
Concurrent Panel 
Room: Salon II 


With the phenomenal growth in the development and use of Large Language Models (LLM) like ChatGPT, BERT, PaLM, and so many others, there is a great need to consider ethical questions raised by these tools. This panel discussion will explore questions including use of LLMs in research, by students for coursework, commercial applications, participation by the open source community, and ethical practices in developing LLMs. A distinguished panel of leaders in ethical AI, academic research, and teaching the next generation of statisticians and data scientists will discuss their views on these subjects and then open the discussion to include members of the audience.



Large Language Models


Ethical AI 

Session Organizer

David Corliss, GM OnStar Insurance


David Corliss, GM OnStar Insurance


Mary Kwasny, Northwestern University
Mark Ward, Purdue University
Eric J. Daza, Evidation
Aleksandr Kotolyan, Plat LLC


Career, Professional, and Leadership Development
Conference on Statistical Practice (CSP) 2024