Artificial Intelligence and Official Statistics: Key Elements of a Successful AI Approach

Conference: Symposium on Data Science and Statistics (SDSS) 2024
06/05/2024: 4:15 PM - 4:40 PM EDT
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Implementing an AI project as a federal statistical agency involves navigating a complex landscape with various challenges and considerations. Transparent AI systems enhance accountability, trust, and user acceptance, but complex AI algorithms may be difficult to interpret, and there might be tension between transparency and proprietary considerations. However, when working with official statistics, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of AI systems is crucial, especially in sensitive domains. Even with the best technology and statistical methods, projects need a broader framework to be successfully implemented in a federal statistical agency. Understanding these broader elements, including the statutory and other guidance such as Executive Orders and OMB Memoranda, as well as the scientific integrity framework under which agencies support research and evidence-building is crucial to successful implementation.


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Nancy Potok, NAPx Consulting LLC

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Nancy Potok, NAPx Consulting LLC


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Symposium on Data Science and Statistics (SDSS) 2024