Tree-Based Machine Learning Methods for Prediction, Variable Selection and Causal Inference

Hemant Ishwaran Instructor
Min Lu Instructor
University of Miami
Sunday, Aug 4: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Professional Development Course/CE 
Oregon Convention Center 
Room: B113 
Tree-based machine learning methods offer several benefits in data analysis, including non-linearity, robustness, scalability and handling mixed data types. This course emphasizes practical learning with hands-on code examples and result interpretations, which is essential for understanding and applying these techniques. Based on the widely popular R package "randomForesSRC", we will present methods for computing predicted outcomes, variable importance indices and causal inference estimates. In addition, we will introduce a new model-independent variable selection method, called the rule-based variable priority, and present its implementation using the R package "varPro". For all these analyses, we will cover different types of outcomes including continuous, categorical, multivariate, survival and competing risk outcomes. Utilizing exemplary datasets from papers published in medical and public health journals, topics in these analyses will provide hands-on code, working examples and result interpretations. We will provide additional code for visualizing model results and constructing coefficient tables for interpretation, and address scenarios such as imbalanced classes, unsupervised problems, fast implementation on big data and protection of confidential data.

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