Causal Mediation Analysis using Stata

Aramayis Dallakyan Instructor
Brooke Johnson Vendor
Wednesday, Aug 7: 1:00 PM - 2:45 PM
Professional Development Computer Technology Workshop (CTW) 
Oregon Convention Center 
Room: B113 
Causal mediation analysis (CMA) aims to explore and determine the mechanisms through which a treatment influences an outcome via a mediator. The objective of this workshop is to provide a practical guide, facilitating an understanding of CMA using Stata. We will begin by introducing the fundamental steps of causal analysis and apply them to CMA. We will highlight the differences between causal and traditional mediation analysis. The workshop will also delve into various types of direct and indirect effects. Examples demonstrating how to perform CMA within Stata, using different types of outcomes and mediators (continuous, binary, and count), will be provided. No prior knowledge of Stata is required, although a basic understanding of causal inference will be beneficial.