PDC 903: Evaluating Indoor Surface Contamination

James Kapin, CIH, CSP Lead Instructor
Escondido, CA 
United States of America
Thu, 5/27: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Professional Development Course 
Room: Virtual 2 
CM Credit Hours: 3.5 


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EHS professionals are frequently asked to measure indoor surface contamination to evaluate worker exposure, verify controls, or determine whether a structure is clean after the use of hazardous materials. There is little regulatory guidance to determine how clean is clean. OSHA regulations require areas to be as free as practicable of removable contamination. This presentation will: 1) discuss several commonly used approaches for evaluating indoor contamination; 2) evaluate their strengths and weaknesses; and, 3) provide EHS professionals with the tools to select a method appropriate for their project or situation.

Course Outline

• Introduction to Surface Contamination Issues
• Surface Contamination Scenarios
• Group Discussion/Exercise 1
• Approaches to Evaluating Surface Contamination
• Review of Regulatory Issues
• Group Discussion/Exercise 2
• Hazardous Waste Issues
• Sampling and Sampling Strategy
• Report Writing and Documentation
• Group Discussion/Exercise 3 

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, the participant will be able to:

• Describe a facility decontamination process.
• Establish cleanup levels and prepare a work plan.
• Develop an appropriate sampling strategy.
• Evaluate decontamination activities. 

Value Added

Attendees will gain knowledge and skills to address a significant potential health issue where there is no clear regulatory guidance.  

Business Case/IH Value Statement

Evaluating surface contamination is an important element of exposure assessment that is frequently not addressed adequately. This presentation will provide tools for practicing IHs to incorporate evaluation of surface contamination into their practice.  

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Learning Aids



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Hazard Recognition/Exposure Assessment
Risk Assessment and Management

Transfer of Knowledge

Group activities
Hands-on demonstrations and practicum
Practice exercises
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