L3: Confined Space Challenges in the Wind Turbine Industry

Caroline Switzer, CIH, CSP Moderator
EPCOR Drainage Service
Edmonton, AB 
Jim Tyler, BA - Embry Riddle Presenter
Portland, OR 
United States of America
Robert (Rob) Siegel, BS Co-Presenter
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee & Southern University
Portland, OR 
United States of America
Wed, 5/26: 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM
Education Session 
Room: Virtual 4 


Being a renewable energy that reduces greenhouse gas emissions, the wind energy sector is currently one of the fastest growing sectors. The number of workers employed in various aspects of the wind energy sector is increasing every year. The state of wind turbine safety is of concern, since workers are exposed to hazards that could result in life altering injuries and fatalities. This session will cover the: 1) various parts of a wind turbine; 2) unique confined space challenges; 3) safety measures that should be used for protection; and 4) protocols for planning for rescues from wind turbines.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the session, the participant will be able to:

• Explain the configuration of wind turbines.
• Outline the theory of wind turbine operation.
• Detail the types of confined spaces encountered in wind turbines.
• Describe the hazards faces in wind turbines.
• Examine the rescue challenges in wind turbine confined spaces. 

Content Level


Interactive Session Experience



Confined Spaces
Emergency Preparedness & Response
Risk Assessment and Management
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