Keep It Flowing: Insight Into the Work of a Sewer Collections Crew

Tue, 10/2: 1:00 PM  - 3:30 PM 
IKE Sessions 
New Orleans Convention Center 
Room: Room 339 
Keep it flowing, insight into the work and equipment of a Sewer Collections Crew is an educational video for an underrepresented aspect of the water environment industry. The goal of this video is to inform, educate and increase the awareness of the important work that Collections System Operators perform and the equipment they use to keep it flowing. The video is narrated by an experienced practitioner and certified Collections System Operator. Using drone videography, and in-pipe cameras you're understanding will be taken to new heights and depths that are rarely seen. This unique perspective communicates a lasting message of the role the sewer collections crew and its equipment play in the water environment industry. You'll be introduced to safety aspects unique to the equipment and work of the collections crew including department of transportation vehicle pre-checks, hydrogen sulfide monitoring, and traffic control. You'll be introduced to the two primary pieces of equipment that are used to maintain and inspect the sewer collections system. The combination truck and closed-circuit television van function will be both explained and demonstrated including an in-pipe camera view of a working hydrojetter and a camera transporter. All of this and more is visually communicated in a brief 3-minute public education video.

IKE Abstract Speaker

Mr. Chander Letulle, Inland Empire Utilities Agency  - Contact Me

IKE Co-author

Alex Argulles, Inland Empire Utilities Agency