Lessons From Nature: How We Create Resources From Wastewater

Tue, 10/2: 1:00 PM  - 3:30 PM 
IKE Sessions 
New Orleans Convention Center 
Room: Room 339 
In this video, Dr. Rodgers, a local public health expert, answers our most commonly asked questions - what are Loop® biosolids and how are they made? He explains how we clean wastewater and turn it into many valuable resources like Loop biosolids, biogas, and recycled water. Dr. Rodgers walks us through the process with a quick lesson from nature, because we really do the same thing, only faster. His public health expertise lends credibility, while compelling animation and stunning visuals complement his simple explanation of the treatment and resource recovery process. Dr. Rodgers demonstrates the high quality standards for the final products by taking the audience into the treatment plant and the lab with our operators and technicians. He takes you on a journey from your home to the treatment plant and finally to the soccer and wheat fields where our recycled resources water the grass or nourish the soil. Dr. Rodgers demystifies the underground world of our sewers and the treatment process, and explains how resources from wastewater, especially biosolids, are amazing things used to benefit our local communities.

IKE Abstract Speaker

Bob Bucher, King County West Point Treatment Plant  - Contact Me

IKE Co-author

Ashley Mihle, King County Wastewater Treatment Division