Adventures With Toot: The Lab

Tue, 10/2: 1:00 PM  - 3:30 PM 
IKE Sessions 
New Orleans Convention Center 
Room: Room 339 
The intent of this video is to broaden Central San's educational program and increase the awareness of wastewater with young children in elementary school. Specifically speaking, what wastewater is and how our laboratory conducts regulatory tests.

The video will follow a Chemist named John and a talking toilet named Toot through a series of lab tests to demonstrate how wastewater is treated. Another big plot point will focus on how we know the water is "clean and safe" for the environment because this concept is easily relatable to children.

Toot the Talking Toilet is a character we use in publications and public outreach, so for this video we will transform him into an animated character. Toot will be voiced and portrayed by a child actor. To make the animation look more lifelike we will apply tracking points to the actor's face, and use special effects to match his eye, mouth and head movements to Toot's facial features.

Children have a strong bond with Toot, and we hope by utilizing him we can get young students interested in studying science. The humorous interaction between John and Toot will make learning about the daunting concepts of wastewater, bacteria and chemicals more fun and enjoyable.

The writing, casting, filming, and production of this video will be done entirely by in-house staff.

IKE Abstract Speaker

Joe Zumbo, Central Contra Costa Sanitary District  - Contact Me